Selective Licensing Drop In Session

Friday 9th September, 2pm – 8pm
Church Hall of St Matthew and St Mary’s Church, Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 4QU

Manchester City Council is proposing to resume a programme of licensing the PRS landlords in Manchester. It differs from the previous scheme by being truly selective. The landlords affected in the pilots will be those in several small, selectively-chosen, localities. The first of these will be in Crumpsall. Others are envisaged for South Manchester in areas of high student occupation.

Members present on Tuesday had an excellent insight into the scheme proposed and the Council’s officers found it helpful to engage with what was a lively meeting, with well-informed members. They will take note of our feedback in the review of the scheme which will be presented to the Manchester City councillors who will decide on the scheme.

The NWLA has already had a meeting with officers and will be making a formal response to the consultation.

Meanwhile, several ‘drop in’ sessions have been arranged; the next is tomorrow, 9th September, in Crumpsall, in the Church Hall of St Matthew and St Mary’s Church between 2pm and 8 pm.